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Wind creates waves; prevailing winds are SE and go into bays and passages. Fair weather winds are North or West and go out of bays and passages. We will go over the weather and what to be aware of in your float plan when you pick up your kayaks.

Be physically prepared for rain and you will have an enjoyable trip. (see clothing) Tarps are essential; have two per couple, use them for a group area and one for your tent. They are also great for when you stop for a lunch break when it’s raining.

PWS has very high tides. We do not have the strong rip tides and currents in our area. We hand out tide charts to help you decide where your campsite will be. Make sure it’s above the high tide line, which usually creeps up in the middle of the night. Campsites are limited because of the mountainous terrain, so be sure to look at our map for suggested camping sites before you head out. We also have maps for sale.

PWS is rain forest, being prepared is the key to stay dry. Clothing is important. Using polypro (thermax, capeline,etc,) for inner layer, fleece or pile for middle layer, and a shell (preferably non-breathable) for outer layer. Temperatures in the summer range from 45 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and is usually cooler around the glaciers.


Tidal Toilet:
Use the inter-tidal area and use toilet paper sparingly, burn the ‘TP’ if possible. You may wish to use a flat rock instead of tissue. The ocean will breakdown the feces a lot quicker than the cool earth. Carry out or burn all feminine products as mother nature cannot break them down.

Use existing fire pits. If there are none, build fires in inter tidal area. Downed wood is hard to find, so don’t count on fires for cooking.

Eat in the inter-tidal area and clean up as soon as you finish. Keep food away from tents and kayaks. This will minimize critters visiting your camp. Do not take out foods that are greasy or real sweet smelling.

Black bear are in our area and are getting more comfortable with people. In general, they are not aggressive and we would like to keep it that way. Use bear canisters if you have them, they are not mandatory to use yet. Please pack out everything that you brought. The Prince William Sound is fragile and still in its primitive state, we want to try to keep it that way so we all can enjoy it for years to come.


How much gear can go in a kayak?
Plan on about a backpack and a half of gear per person. Use assorted sizes of gear bags to utilize the shape of the kayak for storing your gear. Look at our gear bag rental packages to get an idea of sizes for double and single kayaks.

How many miles in a day can I go?
In general a beginner will go 7-10 miles, an intermediate will go 10-15 miles, and an experienced will go 15 + miles. Of course, it all has to do with the weather and such. Just remember, you will go as fast as your slowest paddler so to keep your group together. Think safety!

What about fresh water?
There are lots of fresh water streams and water falls, but bring your filter. Even though most of the water is good, use your filter.

Water Taxis (Charter Boats):
Taking a water taxi will get you out of the congestion of Passage Canal (where Whittier is located) and also get you out further to see a lot more, especially if your time out on the Sound is limited. The water taxis are safe and reliable and knowledgeable of the Prince William Sound.
Epic Charters - or call 1-888-472-EPIC (3742)
Lazy Otter Charters- or call 1-800-587-6887
Sound Eco Adventures- or call 1-888-471-2312

Cabins (Forest Service):
The Forest Service has six cabins on the western side of the Sound, four of which are accessible by boat. To make reservations: http://www.recreation.gov or call 1-907-783-3242 or toll free 1-877-444-6777

Alaska State Parks Cabins - for Decision Point State Marine Park cabin (near Whittier)

Getting to Whittier:
Alaska Marine Highway or call 1-800-642-0066
Alaska Railroad or call 1-800-544-0552
Prince William Sound Glacier Cruises or call 1-800-992-1297
Magic Bus or call 1-907-230-6773 (email info@themagicbus.com)
Seward Bus Line or call 1-907-563-0800
Alaska Transportation Group
or call 1-907-952-1249 or toll free 1-866-425-8687

Other Helpful Links:
Alaska Adventure Tours with Exposure Alaska 1-800-956-6422
Alaska Glacier Tours & Ice Climbing with MICA Guides
Whittier Marine Charters1-907-440-9510
Whittier, Alaska Chamber of Commerce
Whittier Weather from weather.com
Whittier Tunnel Schedule

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Prince William Sound Kayak Center, Whittier, Alaska 1-877-472-2452


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